Bryan Nolan from the Irish Hospice Foundation gives his insights in an ‘Introduction to Spirituality’

This is one of a series of nine short videos in the ‘Beginning at the End’ collection of videos produced by the Irish Hospice Foundation, with a focus on how to support someone who is coming to the end of their life. All of the videos can be viewed by visiting the Irish Hospice Foundation website by clicking on this link

Rev Daniel Nuzum, Healthcare Chaplain, Marymount University Hospital & Hospice and Cork University Hospital explores the role of a chaplain in the hospice setting and explores what spirituality is and its role within palliative care.

What is the role of a chaplain and do they represent a particular faith?

What is spirituality and what is its role within hospice and palliative care?

What are the common questions that a chaplain hears?

How do I access my own faith?

Links to organisations that work in palliative care

Here you will find a number of useful links to organisations that work in palliative care. These services range from support services, to care services to bereavement services.

– Links Northern Ireland

– Links Republic of Ireland