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In this section of the website you will find links to a variety of services aimed at helping you and your family. This part of the website has been broken into two sections, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, to make it easier for you to identify services you can avail off.  

A directory of Palliative Care Services can be found on the Irish Association of Palliative Care website

The services and support groups listed here are general providers. If you are looking for condition specific organisations then please visit our our page which looks at condition specific information: Your Illness

It should also be noted that the organisations listed below are national organisations, this is not a directory of all services available. There maybe a number of local support groups and services that you can avail off that we are unfortunately unable to list here. To find out about any local support services it is best to speak directly with the healthcare professionals helping to care for you. They should have a good knowledge of what services are available in your area or be able to guide you in identifying your local services. The national services listed here are also an excellent starting point, many will offer support in your area and many will be able to link you with other people who live in your area and who maybe able to help you in identifying local services. 

Republic of Ireland
Northern Ireland
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