Bobby’s Story – Let’s Talk … Communicating with children about illness and death… Milford Care Centre

We cannot protect our children from the realities of illness, dying, death and loss. Even very young children can sense when something is happening in their family without anyone saying anything to them. It is important to be honest with children about death and dying, using their language and answering their questions. Don’t leave them to cope alone.

What is Palliative Care?

Watch AIIHPC’s public awareness videos to learn more about palliative care.

Talking Heads Talking about death and dying

Staff and volunteers with Milford Care Centre reflect of talking about death, dying, loss and care.  This film was made by Bold Pup Media and supported by the University of Limerick.

Voices4Care Public Perspectives

This series of videos features six separate interviews which offer a carer’s perspective on palliative care and highlights their experience of palliative care across the island of Ireland

Rev Daniel Nuzum

Rev Daniel Nuzum, Healthcare Chaplain, Marymount University Hospital & Hospice and Cork University Hospital explores the role of a chaplain in the hospice setting and explores what spirituality is and its role within palliative care.