Your Stories

My name is Aisling and I’m 47, I’m a mother of one and this is my husband Peter.
Peter: Hello there
Aisling: In 2019 I went into hospital with back pain and was diagnosed then with stage 4 breast cancer which had progressed to my spine, so I now have bone cancer as well as breast cancer…..

Well I’m Tony Lawlor from Killarney. Well I’m a Chief retired, I love sport, football, hurling, rugby, swimming, walking you name it boxing. I’m married to Agnes 45 years, 2 sons. One at 44 and the other one at 36. One in Germany, one in Australia, one granddaughter.

My name is Emer Murphy and I am a clinical specialist, speech and language therapist. And I work in the Kerry Specialist Palliative Care Service. We have an in-patient unit and an out-patient unit. Our in-patient unit is 15 beds. It was only built very recently in 2018 and then we have an out-patient service and we also have a home care service.

Hello I’m Mike Ross, I live in Omagh, Co Tyrone. I immigrated to Canada some 40 years ago. I lived you know, a good life in Canada, my kids have grown up there, my family is there and regrettably through life circumstance my wife was diagnosed with the same type of cancer as I was diagnosed with two years ago.

Well I worked as a caretaker up in the school in Raheny for 19 Years, I was 19 years up there and before that I was an upholsterer, so I worked at upholstery, like I worked all my life and then to get this was a huge shock to me.Vivienne McCann (Joe’s daughter):He’s very independent like you know, you have to kind of we’ll come over and we’ll do…